VoiceUtils: Siri App allows you to Open Apps, Unlock & Reboot UR iPhone 4S


If you need an excuse to join one of the millions of iPhone 4S jailbreakers then the VoiceUtils app might be the ideal temptation. The app, available for free from the Cydia store, or you can download the .deb file direct from ‘Here‘, allows Siri to obey various commands, letting you open apps, start the camera, unlock your iPhone 4S and reboot – all with the power of your voice.

Granted it would be much quicker to unlock your screen with a finger swipe, but the concept opens up many possibilities when used with hands-free headsets as you’ll be able to navigate your beloved iDevice by barely lifting a finger. Check out the video below for the lowdown before diving into some Siri commands of your very own.

Another useful app in this class is called OpenSiri, which is used to launch Apps Via Siri. OpenSiri is a tweak to open up the few capabilities that Apple has given Siri by default. Right now, it only supports opening applications, but more will be coming very soon. You can download OpenSiri via BigBoss in Cydia, or directly download the .deb file from ‘Here‘.

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