Solution for No Auto Rotation (Linx 7-8 and Lamina Tablets) after updating to Windows 10

The problem I know is with the drivers, my wife’s Linx 8 Tablet had the same problem after updating from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I had “No Rotation” and “No Rotation Lock” in action centre. The solution I found was at this address The drivers for the different Linx and Lamina tablets and the solution is as follows. (This one is for linx 7, but the instructions are the same for all 3 tablet (a.k.a. Lamina T-701 and Lamina T-801) touch screens.

After doing a clean install or upgrade to windows 10 how to fix the screen orientation (auto rotate) problem.

Download The Drivers
Open Zip File
Open G-Sensor/20140626/kxaccel-
Apply kionix_sensor_orientation.reg registry file (double click file)
Reboot your tablet and voila.

Drivers can be found here:

Linx 7 / Lamina T-701

Linx 8 / Lamina T-801

Linx 8 . ISO

These links also include Bluetooth and WiFi Drivers too

I hope this helps as it did with mine, let me know in a reply how you get on.

All credit to (thanx again guys)

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Regards Zyrac