Poetry – Words Of The Heart?

Twenty Nine years ago this week I stopped writing poetry, the reason? I was told by a national paper where I’m from that, well to put it mildly, it wasn’t any good for publication. I’ve never wrote a line of poetry since. Broke my heart and broke my dreams. the poem I have to admit by today’s standards isn’t very good. But in my defence it was wrote from my heart for someone whom I was deeply in love with. And to the sceptics who wrote to me all those years ago, Guess you were wrong. because now “I” (as in me, myself and I, pardon the pun) can finally publish myself. So without further waffle, read on…

No Promises; No Lies!

Blind is the eye that cannot see,
The graceful love you have for me.
It’s for you alone that I fell,
Though my eye is blind as well.

It’s hard to tell you, but it’s true,
That my Darling, I love you.
I pray to the lord that you can see,
All the love that’s inside me.

I love the little things you do,
When we’re together, just me and you.
Come now darling hold me tight,
Because you know the feeling’s right.

We make no promises, we tell no lies,
Coz we’ll be together all our lives.
So kiss me softly, and you will see.
There’s nobody else for you, but me.

I know to some of you reading this article that this is a load of #@?$.. nonsense. But to someone who has waited a very long time to see one of his original works in print, and those of you who also write your own pieces here. Ye will understand how it feels. I hope you all at least got a giggle from my piece, and thanks for reading.