Poetry – Words Of The Heart?

Twenty Nine years ago this week I stopped writing poetry, the reason? I was told by a national paper where I’m from that, well to put it mildly, it wasn’t any good for publication. I’ve never wrote a line of poetry since. Broke my heart and broke my dreams. the poem I have to admit … Continue reading Poetry – Words Of The Heart?

A Tale Of Loneliness

Recently while looking over some old stuff I’d put up on One-Drive, or skydrive as it was known then. I came across a wee bit of prose I wrote, I pondered and thought to myself, “self, you were surely alone back then” to put it mildly. But after assessing how I feel today, I’m wondering … Continue reading A Tale Of Loneliness

How Do I Become a Web Developer?

How Do I Become a Web Developer? There's a lot to learn to be able to do web development effectively. Just to be able to say you can do it, you have to learn: HTML CSS PHP or some other server-side language To do it effectively, you should also consider learning: SQL JavaScript Subversion or … Continue reading How Do I Become a Web Developer?