Lite of Laughter:

A Christmas Wish.


I know I haven’t being blogging for a while now, I’ve had multiple operations to my legs and a few other places. I hope in the near future to start blogging again, but not only on tech things, on life itself. All the woes and celebrations that it brings. For now I want to wish all who find this blog in this huge place called the World Wide Web, a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous 2018. Thanks for stopping by.


Regards . . . Zyrac

Lite of Laughter:

Apple Scotland: Siri Language Barrier – [Videos]

siri image

Spotted this advertisement for Siri and the Apple iPhone 4S, and after I picked myself up from ROFLMFAO I thought I’d share it with ye folks.

Please note though, It being from/about Scotland the language is to say the least a bit colorful.

Have you a favorite ad for Siri? why not post a link in the commentsand share the fun!

And what about PSYCHO SIRI