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CISPA; A Backdoor Bill For SOPA / PIPA?

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is a United States proposed law introduced on November 30, 2011 by U.S. Representative Michael Rogers (R-MI) and 29 co-sponsors (Companies). The bill would give the U.S. government additional options and resources to ensure the security of networks against attacks and enforce copyright and patents. The bill…… Continue reading CISPA; A Backdoor Bill For SOPA / PIPA?

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Free iDevice Apps/Games:

Hi all, for all those who have being awaiting the return of Zyrac, may I extend my apologies for being “away” from the pages of The Zuphorian for the last number of weeks. I’ve being recovering from a form of virus, which left me incapacitated for some time. But all’s well now, and without anymore…… Continue reading Free iDevice Apps/Games:

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June Deadline; To approve or disapprove ACTA.

” The European Parliament’s international trade committee has rejected a proposal by David Martin, an MEP who is drafting the Parliament’s position on ACTA. Martin wanted to ask the European Court of Justice for its opinion on the controversial anti-piracy treaty, but the committee decided yesterday that wasn’t needed and will now vote in June…… Continue reading June Deadline; To approve or disapprove ACTA.

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Free iDevice IOS Apps/Games:

As we all wait in anticipation for March 7th and the release of the new iPad 3, is it not a nice thought, that in this vast world of consumer retail and economics. There are still wee glimmers of Free Stuff  in the form of Paid apps for Free. So without too much waffle, let’s…… Continue reading Free iDevice IOS Apps/Games:

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An Introduction To Cydia Repo’s

Failte mó chara, and for those not of the Irish persuasion, it means Hello/Hi my friends. Just like the word ‘repo’ has the meaning Repository, a place where app packages of all kinds are stored, and NOT reprocessing! which is what happens to the car when we miss the monthly premium. So, as an introduction…… Continue reading An Introduction To Cydia Repo’s

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5 Free iPhone/iPad Apps/Games:

I know it states “Week #9”, and No it does not stand for nine weeks of give-aways, though I wish it was. It is in fact the week number of the year 2012. It’s to aid me in keeping track as this section grows bigger and bigger over time, a bit like me at the…… Continue reading 5 Free iPhone/iPad Apps/Games: